Jalostamo (Refinery) Service Concept

Jalostamo™ service concept is designed to optimise the profitability of the client's business based on the client's strategic objectives. The focus of the concept is on improving the functionality of analytical processes, thereby combining efficient basic functions (information factory processes) with business processes via analytical functions. 

Organising Analytics

Analyses are normally based on case-specific examination of the matter under focus. In order to improve competitiveness it is necessary to move from case-specific analyses to a more process-oriented approach where the roles and responsibilities of various actors and the required human and IT resources are clearly defined.

Developing Profitability

Improving profitability is based on two components: 1. optimising pricing (turnover) and 2. optimising cost structure Developing efficient approaches for these two components together creates the essential conditions for the company's success.

Planning and Optimization

Forecasting future events is another central aspect of the overall success of the company. In developing analytical processes the goal is to guide the company towards the future rather than spend too much time analysing past events. In order to maximise efficiency, resources for forecasting functions must be allocated optimally to improve the competitiveness of the company.