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Greenback Analytics was founded in 2008 by its owner Jouko Riihimäki. The company aims to help clients create added value by providing them top-of-the-industry expertise in optimizing profitability.

A Short Introduction of Jouko Riihimäki

An experienced business leader focused on providing sustainable and value-adding solutions, especially for food sector organizations.

I have been in working life for over 25 years doing various work tasks. At the moment, I work as a managing director at Jalofoods. Previously I have also worked as a consultant, and my unique field is the development of companies’ strategies, processes, structures, control systems, and support functions. I have over 15 years of experience in management consulting in various fields of which retail trade and the food industry are especially areas of my strengths. At Capgemini, before moving to Hartwall, I used to be in charge of developing the Finance and Employee Transformation service line, among other things.

Specialties: Leadership, Pricing, Profit Optimization, Strategic Management, Revenue Management, Product Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Process Management, Key Account Management, Marketing, and Sales Planning. 

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